Publish Hassle Free & sell your book across crossword, oxford & 40,000+ stores globally.

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, BigFoot Publications is a leading International Publishing House run by Bestselling authors aimed at providing Hassle Free book publishing experience to Budding Authors and Writers.

Apart from online Nationwide Distribution in India, we provide PAN India offline bookstore exposure for books in premium stores like Oxford, Crossword, Wheelers, Sapna, Odyssey and many more.

At Global level, we have an exclusive tie up with Walmart, Target and WH Smith physical stores in UK, USA and Australia. The potential is to distribute books to 140 countries through online and offline medium.

We have published 3000+ authors in genres like Fiction, Non Fiction, poetry, Academic, Illustrative, Graphic Novel, Children’s literature, Board book and coffee table book in English, Hindi and Regional languages.

Other services include ISBN, Copyright, Cover Designing, Editing, Beautification of book’s interior, E-book, Paperback, Hardbound & Audiobook distribution across 140+ countries, Physical bookstore distribution, Audiobook, Press Release in 80+ Newspapers and portals, Newspaper Endorsements, Celebrity shoutouts, Podcast & FM Radio interview, Digital Ads on Facebook, Instagram & Amazon, Lifetime Book inventory  and Amazon #1 Bestseller Guarantee.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller."


Why 3000+ Authors Trust us?

We create Author’s Amazon account & list E-book, Paperback, Hardbound and Audiobook  from Author’s Amazon Account instead of BigFoot’s account. This provides 100% transparency in sales and royalty is credited directly to the author’s bank account without publisher’s role. 

Our Publishing Package Starts Rs 7,999 onwards including all taxes. NO HIDDEN CHARGES. We generally charge 50% of the amount at the time of signing the agreement and rest 50% once the book is live on Amazon.

If you want to go ahead with EMI option, you may avail that by using Credit Card. You may avail EMIs on credit card for up to 2 years. Banks generally levy  12-14% interest on EMIs.

You must have heard this line- Don’t judge a book by its cover but in reality, we all do judge. 

With BigFoot Publications, We provide unlimited Cover Design option to the author until satisfaction. The cover is designed at the recommendation of the author.

A Project Manager is a person who will handhold you through your publishing journey. The Project Manager will be responsible for taking regular updates from you regarding your project, intimating your information to cover designer, editor, formatter, social media handler, printer etc and vice versa. He will be the immediate person for the author to contact regarding any query or question regarding  publishing, distribution, listing and marketing. The project Manager will guide you throughout your Pre and Post Publishing Journey.

We not only sell books in India but also across 5 continents in 140 countries.

The online distribution of Paperback, Ebook and Hardbound books are done via Amazon and Google and their affiliates.

Amazon Affiliates:

-Amazon Austria
-Amazon Australia
-Amazon Belgium
-Amazon Canada
-Amazon China
-Amazon France           
-Amazon Germany
-Amazon Italy
-Amazon Japan
-Amazon Luxembourg
-Amazon Mexico
-Amazon Netherlands
-Amazon Singapore
-Amazon Spain
-Amazon UK
-Amazon USA

Google Affiliates:

Google Argentina
Google Austria
Google Australia
Google Belgium
Google Bolivia
Google Brazil
Google Belarus
Google Canada
Google Switzerland
Google Chili
Google Colombia
Google Costa Rica
Google Czech Republic
Google Germany
Google Denmark
Google Dominican Republic
Google Ecuador
Google Estonia
Google Spain
Google Finland
Google France
Google Great Britain
Google Greece
Google Guatemala
Google Hong Kong
Google Hondarus
Google Hungary
Google Indonesia
Google Ireland
Google Italy
Google India
Google Japan
Google Kyrgyzstan
Google South Korea
Google Kazakhstan
Google Lithuania
Google Liberia
Google Latvia
Google Mexico
Google Malaysia
Google Nicaragua
Google Netherlands
Google Nigeria
Google Norway
Google New Zealand
Google Panama
Google Peru
Google Phillipines
Google Poland
Google Portugal
Google Paraguay
Google Romania
Google Russia
Google Sweden
Google Singapore
Google Slovakia
Google EL Salvador
Google Thailand
Google Turkey
Google Taiwan
Google Ukrain
Google United States
Google Uruguay
Google Uzbekistan
Google Venezuala
Google Vietnam
Google South Africa

Worldwide Physical  Bookstores: 

(In UK and Europe)

-Book Depository Ltd
-Books Express
-Coutts Information Services Ltd
-Designarta Books
-Eden Interactive Ltd
-Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL)
-Mallory International
-Paperback Shop Ltd
-The Book Community Ltd
-Wrap Distribution

(In Australia & New Zealand)

-The Nile
-James Bennett
-Peter Pal

(In United States & Canada)
Distribution in thousands of
-Walmart stores
-Target stores
– Chapters / Indigo (Canada)

and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across North America.

We are in collaboration with many physical bookstores in New Delhi and other cities where we can put books for sale. From highly revered bookstores such as Oxford Bookstore in New Delhi, to local street vendors and pavement book stalls, we provide an egalitarian viewership with maximum coverage of the book by enthusiasts and onlookers equally.

We cover a maximum of 20 bookstores in one city. Generally 10 copies are provided to a bookstore for sampling and analysis. Rest copies are provided to specific bookstore according to the demand.

Premium Bookstores include Crossword, Oxford, Sapna Bookstores, Title waves, Star Mark, Odyssey Bookstores and many more!


Not just online, we also distribute books to physical bookstores across countries.

(In UK and Europe)

-Book Depository Ltd
-Books Express
-Coutts Information Services Ltd
-Designarta Books
-Eden Interactive Ltd
-Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL)
-Mallory International
-Paperback Shop Ltd
-The Book Community Ltd
-Wrap Distribution

(In Australia & New Zealand)

-The Nile
-James Bennett
-Peter Pal

(In United States & Canada)
Distribution in thousands of
-Walmart stores
-Target stores
– Chapters / Indigo (Canada)

and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across North America.

An E-book is an electronic version of a book which can be read over an electronic gadget such as a kindle device, nook, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. An e-book gives an on-the-go reading experience and the reader can know the exact meaning of the words. We make the e-book version available on popular platforms like:

-Amazon Kindle
-Google Playbook
-Barnes & Noble
-De Marque
-Kobo Plus
-WF Howes

Some poems and stories are meant to be listened instead of reading. A lot of our audience prefer listening Audio book while sleeping in bed. We have a dedicated studio in Bengaluru which creates professional Audio books for our authors. After Quality check, the Audio books are uploaded on popular platforms like Audible. We have professional voice over Artists who will convert your manuscript into Audio. The Audio books are published on Audible and Google Playbook.

Your Book will be covered under Lifetime Inventory Guarantee which ensures that your book will never go out of Stock on Amazon, Flipkart or any other online stores for lifetime. Lifetime can be estimated for 20 Years from the date of signing the agreement. We will reprint the stock for lifetime at our own expenses and will distribute it without any additional cost. We will never charge the author for Re-printing the book in lifetime.

To increase the outreach and popularity, we get the book covered in leading online news portals. We have tie ups with more than 150 online media houses. These news portals have millions of daily active users and it definitely helps in sales.

Few of our Media Houses are: 

  1. Daily Hunt
  2. Zee Media
  3. Pioneer
  4. India Saga
  23. and 130 more such Newsportals. 

Being a Bestselling Author is Every Writer’s Dream. With Exhaustive marketing, this thing is also possible. You must have seen an Orange Bestseller tag on several products on Amazon India, right? This is the same service we are about to provide you.

We do Exhaustive marketing of your book which guarantees that your book will be #1 Bestseller on Amazon India. The marketing includes Facebook & Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads, and Email Marketing with an expenditure of minimum 15k per day. This service is only available in our most expensive package worth Rs. 1,49,000/-

The book is made Bestseller on amazon Kindle under various categories after analysing the market. Kindle platform is used because the delivery of Ebook is superfast within seconds while paperbacks take minimum 2 days.

Bookfairs are Key events for Book signing events, Author Discussion Panels and Book Launches. Also, Bookfairs are major  important marketplace for selling books offline and interaction of author with their Audience. We recommend authors to launch their book in Bookfairs among audience so that books can be sold with a huge kickstart. 

We take part at every major bookfair organised by National Book Trust.

Your book will be available at every bookfair we take part in for 1 year from the date of signing the agreement. For every consecutive year, we charge 4k/bookfair.

Podcast Interviews are a trending means of spreading a word among masses. The Podcast Interview is done on App – Foster Reads and then broadcasted on other sites like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Jio Music, Wynk Music and other such platforms.

A questionnaire of the interview is provided to the author beforehand. The podcast is done by professional interviewers at Foster Reads Studio and the author needs to participate online. The duration of Podcast interview is 30 minutes.

Video Trailer:
In this Era driven by Social Media, only digital posters are not enough to entice them. Video Trailers are more engaging and powerful as content. We will launch your video trailer on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. The length of the video trailer shall not be less  than 60 seconds and the content of the trailer shall be provided by the author.

Stock videos will be used in making of video trailer instead of professional models.

Author Website:
Author Website plays an important role in making online presence of the book. Author’s website is SEO at the top whenever any person searches the author’s name on google. We have a very experienced website designing team which will handhold you throughout the journey. The content of the website shall be provided by the author himself. The website included in the package is static website.

More visibility means More sales. We have a community with over 1 lakh readers associated with us over our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Handle.

Whenever a book is launched, we exhibit them online and it helps us in generating sales. We provide free E-Books to our readers every week which helps us in regularly connecting them.   

We at BigFoot Publications believe that in Author’s success lies our success. We take the absolute  responsibility of Nominating your book for National awards, Private Awards and BigFoot Annual Awards.

National Awards are Organised by Government bodies like Sahitya Academy Award.

Private Awards are organised by Private organisations and an entry fee maybe levied. The author needs to pay the entry fee. 

BigFoot Annual Awards: We organise literature Awards annually in the month of June and provide monetary reward of Rs 50,000 Rs along with a Book Publishing Contract. Nominations are 100% free for our Authors.



Our Distribution Channels

Why Choose Us?

Bigfoot Publications an International Publishing house aimed at providing hassle free publishing experience to budding Authors & Writers. 

Not just online, we provide offline distribution to Oxford, Crossword, Railway stations and Airports.


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