A Day In Their Life Book


“A day in their life. What could happen in a day in someone life? Diplomatically, well no one can ever guess. We never knew why we meet certain people in our life, but somewhere around we believe the word destiny. Some series of incidents could lead us to anywhere in our lives and we could never foresee how we change if we haven’t met those people. On one such day, an old couple on their impassive second honeymoon whose only wish is to be with their son, a young man, who is on a verge to hear a Court proceeding in his favour and a young lady, who is trying to make some place for her in this world, destined to travel in the same flight from Chennai to Kolkata. But God, he is a gamer. He don’t play by rules. When they had to do an emergency landing in the beautiful city of visakhapatnam, everyone wish to travel the city, except the young man. This is the story of the four who unravel their deepest emotions amidst the journey into the city. How does this journey destined to be? Does they know this meeting going to change their lives forever? Ride into the city of destiny with us to travel with their lives”.



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