A Friend Like You


“A friend like you” is a true story of nithya, Gandhian and santhosh. It’s their journey from school days to marriage day. The story not only reflects the lovey-dovey romance but practical attitude towards life and focuses on friendship which overcomes all the hurdles. We met so many people in our lives but there are only few with whom we have an instant connection which lasts forever. But what if the instant perspective about the person is negative? Probably, it could still last forever. As one should not judge a person in the first meet. The story highlights some of the mentioned aspects of life through santhosh and nithya who turn out to be ‘a perfect match’ of not so perfect individuals. Most people say failure in love is most painful thing, but I say failure in friendship is also a painful thing. Only the person who lost his or her best friend will understand that pain.This story is about a boy lost his best friend, what is the reason behind their break up? Why his best friend left him? What he done to get his best friend back? Did he succeed in his effort or he failed? What made him to feel so much about the loss of his friendship? To know the answers for the above, please read…… A friend like you!



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