A Quest of Souls Book


A feeling of ‘strangeness’ begins to haunt Arjun and then his mysterious, story-like dream turns up. He must find a cure. Young Mani finds himself entangled in the case of the death of a little girl. His future is at stake. Advice is chained to her painful past. She doesn’t believe anyone or anything can heal her. Her friend elisabeth needs to re-learn to have faith in relationships. Arjun must overcome the loss of someone he loves and justify the use of ill-gotten means to a moral end. Mani needs to prove his innocence or be on the run for the rest of his life. Advita’ S journey towards healing demands sacrifice from elisabeth will Arjun’s dream ever stop haunting him? Is Mani guilty and can he get his life back? Will advita ever find peace with herself again? Brought together by Arjun’s pursuit to find the cure to his disturbing dream, many lives become intertwined in this journey that is as surreal as it is real.



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