Black Shoes Book


Black shoe” is a work of dramatic fiction in a background of Western classical music, with themes of tragedy and touches of surrealism. The story observes the lives of two unlikely companions in the form of Mr. Arun mascarenhas, a revered conductor, and young Ron, a prodigy, and the meeting of two because of a common thread: the book dives into the phenomenon of past, ever a subject of philosophy – profound, effective and ever-present. The entirety of the journey past and present is sprinkled with music, another thing that dictates their lives, which takes the center-stage as the story reaches its last third. About the author Yogesh tak is a writer from Mumbai. He’s completed his master of Arts in English literature. He reads, writes, and is deeply fond of art and cinema. His eclectic interest in music was the first thought, amongst many, that inspired this book.



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