Carte Blanche


A collection of poetry that strings together the various aspects of being a woman and growing up along the way. From falling in love, to being deceived, to moving on, to learning to love again, wiser and deeper. From the serruptitious Glance of the epicurean aroma to the nectarous acquiescence. Anger, Covetousness, prejudice. Everything a woman feels, she hides spun together in words. Her semblance as a child, as a friend, a lover, a wife and as a mother. The penache with which she melts and flows in each role. The truth behind her tears, the story behind her laughter, the articulation of her empiricism. The quest for the wild whilst holding on to the nucleus. How she embraces everything as she goes along. Owning up to her desires and breaking through the walls built around her for years. Carving her emotions into Ballads of love and substantiating why a caged bird sings. Here is a resonance of rhythms that coalesce to express what it truly is, to be a lady, to be unconditionally free…. Carte Blanche..



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