Grandmas Tales of Sri Krishna


There has been a tradition in Indian families of grandmothers spinning tales from ancient mythology, which not only hands down the stories of yore but also keeps the grandchildren in rapt attention. This book ‘Grandma’s tales of Sri Krishna’ by Lalitha Balasubramanian is an engrossing one, sure to delight the children of present times, who are more often than not deprived of interaction with their grandparents. The stories include, amongst others, The birth of Krishna in the prison of Mathura and meanders through baby Krishna’s triumphs over several demons, his amazing childhood pranks, his majestic dance on kaliya’s head, the lifting of the govardhan mountain and the slaying of the wicked kamsa, apart from his famed friendship with Sudama, a poor Brahmin boy during his Gurukul days.



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