Inked Soul


“माना, शर्टअच्छी लगती है तुम पे- लेकिन जब मैं साड़ी पहनूं- तुम भी कुर्ते की बात रखना!!! आँखो में उतरना ऐसे- हर दिन ढले, वस्ल की रात रखना!!!” inkedbysoul part I, is like a journey for me from My childhood to teenage and from teenage to adulthood.In all the phases of My Life, I have lived some of the finest moments, phenomenal peoples, implicit emotions and magnificent relationships and captured them in my diary so that they could be mine endlessly. That small diary for years is now turning into a book and this book is all about My unvoiced feelings to the world, in which I guess, even “you could find the same for someone”; whether for you mom, dad, best friend, child, sister, lover or better half. You could find something which is deep into your heart and still left unsaid!!!! So let your feelings be on fire and let your soul speak❤️❤️❤️.



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