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Hafsah nassir mujalli was born on June 20th, 1986 in dhamar, Yemen. She had all of her school Education in Yemen. Aer high school, she joined the Department of English, faculty of Arts, Amar University, graduating with a B. A. Degree in English language in 2008. She works in the eld of management, English language Teaching, and has interests in translation, particularly literary translations. She is a member of the Union of Yemeni authors and writers. She is also a member of elmeqah story club. She has published three story collections: LA yandhroon lila’ala (Ey do not look up Sana’a, 2010): roomansiyat sharqiyah (romantic forgotten orientals Sana’a, 2013), (romantic forgotten orientals, USA, 2018); and hayat scan (life scan, Sana’a, 2016). she has participated in many of the literary events, forums, and festivals in the different Governors of Yemen. Many of her writings have been published in various local and regional newspapers and magazines. She has participated in many of the activities of the literary convoy of the Dhamma expeditionary battalion, which visited many of the Yemeni governorates. She is one of the founders of the nonah literary series, a group of series that focuses mainly on printing and publishing literary texts. She was awarded the presidential Prize in short story writing at the local level of the Dhamma governorate in 2007. She also won rst place in the short story writing competition of the festival of culture and arts at Amar University in 2008. Furthermore, she won the girl’s creativity Award in short story writing from the Ministry of youth and Sports in 2008. She was awarded the presidential Prize with the Medal of excellence in Yemen in 2014.



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