Looking for Wildflower


How can Shyam possible face his old school teacher, after all these years, and shatter him by revealing the truth about his favourite student? Why does the most adept thief of the town fail to steal a few gold bangles? How can kalyani cope with the fact that she is possibly the reason for her son’s embarrassment? Will arham be able to confess to his psychiatrist that his dead brother has paid him a visit? Can a stranger teach a visually challenged woman the true essence of a ‘story’ and the importance of not knowing how a story ends? Will nirupama finally be the wildflower which blooms only in the imagination of an artist? Eleven stories. Eleven pieces of clouds connected by strings of dreams and desires, of hopes and fears, of smiles and tears. Infused with a sense of yearning, the tales take us on eleven different journeys. A lonely woman, a skilled thief, a grieving mother, an old school teacher, a burdened brother – and many more, come together in this heartwarming anthology of short stories which will eventually make us want to look for wildflowers, together.



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