Love In Weed


College, good friends and a great time full of memories. An occasional crush here & there, and that is what everything life is about at that age. For three classmates though, there was a lot more in store. For one senior though, there was nothing in store but a mundane, super-rich life. Manbeer crushes on this rich senior, while Avi & Natasha, his two best friends, are there by his side every time. An annual fresher party throws these four lives into a turmoil that tests everything- their friendship, their loyalty, and even Manbeer’s fondness for Bhavika, the uber-rich and beautiful senior. The party was just the beginning. What follows further tears their souls to the bone, and it all becomes too foggy to comprehend for youngsters who are yet to be exposed to a life outside their campus. Then, there’s weed. And drugs. How does it all come together? Can a young Manbeer figure out all this? Or will his love for Bhavika make him lose his ability to think?



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