Maidains of Fate Book


The position of women is unique in India. At one hand, we worship them as representatives of the Primordial Mother Goddess, but on the other hand, they are subjected to numerous atrocities. This ‘weltanschauung’, a comprehensive conception in our minds of the power of a primordial mother goddess in each woman is present in every Indian’s life and resonates with the belief that this feminine superpower will look after all her children in the form of a mortal mother, whose love for her children is considered the greatest in this world. However, at the same time, a girl child is not desirable in the majority of the households here. This is such a paradox that has amazed everybody all across the world. ‘Maidens of Fate’ tells the stories of twelve such Indian women in their various trials and tribulations in this vast land. All the stories in this book have been partially inspired by real-life women and the various situations that they find themselves in, with love, loss, joy, grief and happiness. The maidens here give us an understanding of what women go through emotionally from the perspective of Indian society and its collective psyche. These stories in this book are not only a unique read for all the women; they will also enable the men in this country to examine their role from a broader perspective as fathers, brothers, husbands, uncles and friends. All the stories in ‘Maidens of Fate’ are very interesting and will feel like edgy thrillers.



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