Off The Pages Book


When fictional crime investigator Tej Singh calls on his creator, author Dev Narayan, he sets into motion a ride that even a self-respecting roller coaster would flinch from giving. Ted is fed up of the violent life he lives, being constantly under attack from his implacable enemy, games, and blames Dev for it; tejwants out. Also, he has a matter of the heart that he wants Dev to fix; the woman of tej’s devotion completely confounding the already bewildered author. Obviously, Dev doesn’t believe him. To establish his bona fides, Tej takes Dev on that tumultuous ride which begins with a literal bang when they are attacked by murderous goons. Multiple characters seem to be leaping off the pages of Dev’s novels, the criminals among them doing their brutish best to settle their hash. Oh, by the way, Dev also writes a romance series, as a catharsis from all the violence in tej’s series their characters too are coming off the pages. Mayhem ensues when both sets of characters cross each other paths while tea and Dev run for their lives they can run but can they hide from games and his enterprise (that the master criminal never calls his ‘gang’)?.



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