One Side Affair


Anirban is an introvert guy who has very little emotional intelligence but high IQ. He finds it difficult to connect with others. This is the story of his failures professionally, personally and romantically. He had lost his motivation to live and decides to kill himself. The story starts with anirban sitting on the edge of a 30 storeyed building and thinking about everything that happened in his life. The story unfolds and he thinks about his association with Shruti with whom he falls in love. He further thinks about what went wrong in his start-up and how the failure had broken him from within. How did anirban bounce back from failure? What were the things that were going inside his mind during his struggle? Is it necessary to be successful in life to live? What is the yardstick of success and who decides that? Does happiness comes with success or is it the happiness in your life that decides your Success?.



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