Rimjhim Book


Rimjhim is the music of Raindrops; love is the song. Rimjhim is a collection of poetry that is Scribbled with the indelible ink flowing from the heart of fantasy. The moving book explores love, romance, loss and hope. The youthful poems are pure entertainment that will take you to a new level of excitement. Every heart is wild, and poetry is the doping for bewilderment. When the heart falls in love, there is a need to scream to the sun every sunrise, dance with the moon every sunset and get drenched in the sirimiri. This book will make your imagination prodigious. Love is to explore joy. This book is an Elixir of happiness. So what are you waiting for? It’s the right time to enthuse your mind with a fantasising romance: Rimjhim, the sirimiri of love.



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