Successful Failure


Why are most of us unable to handle failures? Vidhi mardia, a University graduate has seen dejections closely. She realised most of her peers and her were not able to face them the right way.Her urge to make failure comfortable led her to write this book. Successful people are often thought of as possessors of the Midas touch or those born with a golden spoon. Vidhi logically talks about the little things we learn from failure. This book is an instant confidence Booster that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and see failure with a different pair of glasses. It is for every one of you out there who have failed and maybe sometimes even stopped trying. Vidhi believes to fail is to embark upon a new journey. Just like How it was for Walt Disney or Michael Jordan. Beautifully explained in a simple language, there are key take a ways at the end of each Chapter real-life instances and practical examples make this book an interesting read. It has all the reasons you need to smile through the downs of life. Have you ever thought of failure as the first step to success? Get ready to be intrigued, amazed and fascinated as you discover a new and better version of yourself through this book by a six-year-old as she makes sense (and nonsense) out of this little word called fail.



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