The Call of Bliss


A group of people become fed up with the banality of society and decide to set up a community of their own. They become self-sustainable and create a haven for all the rejects of society. One day they receive a surprise visitor in the form of an alien. They name him ‘al’. the arrival of al is accompanied by the appearance of a magical fountain at the heart of the town. This seemed to solve the town’s water scarcity problems. Al lived in harmony with the humans. As happens to any booming town or city, the people became greedy. They began bringing in all the luxuries of the external world. These were precisely the things that the settlers had wanted to leave behind. However, since this was to be a real land of the free, no restrictions were imposed. The fountain had already become a ‘wishing’ fountain where people would throw pennies. Soon tourists started to Trickle in. The town’s society and its businesses began to boom. It wasn’t soon after that tragedy struck. The unfortunate death of a child forced al to leave, and the wishing fountain began to crumble. As a result, this haven for the rejects of mainstream society fell apart completely.



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