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This book will be helpful to the students interested in Elementary Chemistry because a plethora of information regarding the Elements of the Periodic Table is packed into a few terse and beautiful verses. The poetic rendition of the information regarding the characteristics of the elements with its rhyming scheme will make the reading of this book a joyous experience that can stay longer in the minds of the readers than the ordinary info dump they generally get from academic books. Davy\’s classification is for the first sixty-two elements. This book contains the first thirty elements and the next upcoming book (Part II) will contain the other thirty-two elements.


The Dream Behind This Book


The verses entered the tunnels of my mind while having a beautiful and inspirational dream that I tried to translate into reality by coming up with the poetic composition of the Elements of the Periodic Table in this book though I had never reckoned that this dream could prove out to be such bliss to me. I really had not even an iota of idea about it, while I wrote a poem on the Hydrogen, one of the elements of the Periodic Table. It was that night I dreamt of flipping through a book with my fingers and looked into it with perfect surprise. While it is not an easy journey to compile a book scribbled with poetry on pages, I feel it\\\\\\\’s a thing of comprehensive joy, excitement and hard work to gather words into verses and give them a shape of poetic ideas, with a distinct form and unique style. My earlier published book \\\\\\\’Tulips of Feelings\\\\\\\’ is my debut book which I believe would always be a cornerstone of my road to the journey of ultimate destiny.


 Bushra Nida

About the Author:

Bushra Nida is an 11th standard student from Nasirabad, Kanipora, Kulgam Kashmir, J&K. She is very ambitious about her contribution to scientific knowledge. She is also an avid reader and an aspiring poet. This book is her second publication and is special for her, for she wrote it in the tragic phase of her life.


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