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Mydavolu Venkata Sesha Satyanarayana who writes with the penname \’Mahathi\’, is a postgraduate in law and hails from an orthodox Indian Hindu family. He grew up studying Hindu epics, philosophy and nurtured deep interest in Vedic traditions, literature and Dharmic (righteous) way of life and strongly believes that the root cause of all social maladies is Avidya or lack of spiritual knowledge. With increased passion towards poetry, he learned prosody and extensively studied classical poetry right from Geoffrey Chaucer to Robert Frost to become one of the very few neo-classical poets in the world. His trans-creation of Sundara Kanda\’ (5th Canto of Hindu epic the Ramayana) with the title \”Finding the Mother\” was the biggest landmark in his poetic journey. He continued his endeavor in re-creation of Hindu epic stories with his Hare Krishna and the story of the Ganges. His latest book\”Ocean Blues\” and many other poems touching the deeper nuances of Hindu philosophy made him one of the top ranking writers. He regularly contributes poetry and articles to magazines like Saptagiri (monthly), Triveni, Westward (quarterly), Society of Classical Poetry etc.



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MYDAVOLU VENKATA SESHA SATHYANARAYANA who writes with the penname \’mahathi\’ is a native of Nellore. He is a retired officer from Government of India. His parents: late Sri M.V.RAMAKRISHNA RAO and Smt. M. SAROJINI. His wife ANURADHA, son SAI KUMAR and daughter. DEEPTHI. Date of Birth: 12-6-1958, at Nellore. \’Mahathi\’ is a postgraduate in law and once a practising lawyer in Nellore. Though he was a part of bureaucracy by profession and a lawyer by qualification, his passion has always been poetry. He joined Government of India as Inspector of Salt in 1984 and took voluntary retirement in 2014 as Superintendent of Salt in Gazetted rank. He wrote his first poems in 1987. But took up poetry more seriously from 2003 onwards. His first collection of English poems GOLDEN LOTUS was published in 2009. Later came more poetry anthologies with the titles PLASTIC FACES and other poems, WHEELS and I CHANT, CHANT AND CHANT. Mahathi\’s earlier poetry was mostly on burning social issues and some philosophy. His translation of modern Telugu poems of Perugu Ramakrishna was published with the title ROSETTE. But later he focused totally on spiritual and philosophical poetry. \’Mahathi\’ is considered as one of the finest Indian English poets of modern times, whose poetry is replete with high imagery, clear diction, humour, pun and satire. His FINDING THE MOTHER was a trans-creation of SRI SUNDARA KANDA into classic English verse which was published in 2012. His later book HARE KRISHNA, the childhood saga of Lord Sri Krishna was published in 2017. The whole book of HARE KRISHNA was composed in ballads, one of the classical forms of English poetry which is now serialized in SAPTAGIRI from November 2019. His latest book is OCEAN BLUES, a trans-creation of Sri Garikipati Narasimha Rao\’s SAAGARAGHOSHA. His poems were published in a number of print journals and magazines like POETS INTERNATIONAL, TRIVENI, METVERSE MUSE, ROCK PEBBLES. His SUNDARA KANDA was serialized in SAPTAGIRI English MAGAZINE (TTD Publications) and many other articles and poems were published in the said magazine. His poems are published regularly in the U.S based print journals like Society of Classical Poets, WestWard Quarterly magazine (Illinois) and BHAKTI NIVEDANA. He is the recipient of several prizes from magazines and webzines and recently he was honoured with MAHARSHI VALMIKI AWARD by Simhapuri Fine Arts Academy.


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