The Love Influenza Book


Quite funny! Your girlfriend runs away with your best friend! Then you try to rebuild yourself. You try to figure out a way to escape that apocalypse. You try to run afar from them, like 1, 500 km away. Perhaps you get another bittersweet-heart, like mishita! One like those magic pixie dream girls in movies. Then one day in your dorm room you people might get too close, like close-close, after eating apsara’s(restaurant) special dum-aloo biriyani along with two chilled b**rs! (Sounds fun, right? Yes!) then she vomits on you while ki*sing! Yuck! Tragic! Right? Anyway, this was love and thousand things like this happened all along. For a brief period of time our life was as smooth as a smoothie or say like some stupid rom-com flick, heaven in hell indeed! But then again the same old theory kicks in, “happiness doesn’t last forever!” Yes! You know what happens next with our hero? No? It’s time for you to figure out what happens next. Grab a copy of “the love influenza” And become one with your couch and sheet in this winter and enjoy reading this cosy romance!.



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