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You fall in love with the girl of your dreams, the girl loves you back, and problem solved, right? Wrong. For eighteen-year-old star athlete, Padmanabh Pandey, growing up has been a breeze. He has a closely-knit circle of friends that he trusts with his life, a girl he likes (who, he\’s certain, likes him back), and a penchant for looking at the sunny side of life. When his world comes crashing down and the only girl he\’s ever loved decides she\’s in love with someone else, Padmanabh has no choice but to make a clean break and hope with all his heart he can start fresh. Little does he know that college is going to be a wilder ride than he could have ever anticipated. As our blundering, headstrong, loveable hero flits his way from one mistake to another, one thing becomes clear to him: Life is what you make of it and pain can be transformational. Heartbreak, friendship, loyalty, love, and unshakeable family ties are the ingredients of this awe-inspiring story. And what\’s more—every character in the book could well be you and me. In a book that holds a mirror to modern-day Indian society, yet steeped in age-old tradition, Shreyansh Ojha\’s debut novel promises the story of a lifetime that is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.


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Shreyansh Ojha

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Shreyansh Ojha is an engineer by education. He is an active civil service aspirant and a part of the lot that has been struggling to build a successful career. He is a big-time sports enthusiast who enjoys watching all kinds of sports, but his world revolves around pro boxing. His numerous essays on pro boxing have been published on platforms such as Sportskeeda. His favourite boxers are Muhammad Ali and Wladimir Klitschko, who have taught him the greatest lessons of his life—self-belief and consistency, respectively. Shreyansh carefully follows the current events around the world and looks for life lessons every day. He is a social person who enjoys the company of his family and friends. In the immortal words of Sylvester Stallone, he describes himself as the sum total of everyone he has ever met. You can connect with him on Instagram @shreyanshojh08 and, Facebook at:


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