The Road Back to Home


When two people fall in love, they fall in love for eternity! Beyond the ever-changing world and circumstance, they promise to be with each other till the end of time. Will the love of Darshan, a destitute Vagabond & Kathryn, the quintessential empowered women, be able to last when the status-quo of kathryn’s past is challenged? Together they embark on a journey to unravel the mystery that will change their lives forever. It is a saga of their romance, their passion and courage to face the truth. Amongst many questions, amongst many unsettling answers, their love blossoms! People change they say, but what if it’s not them, it’s their past that changes. Will Darshan love Kathryn, no matter what her past is or will he fulfil the old prophecy proclaiming the ephemeral nature of love?.



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