The Run Uphill


In the land of spiritual wisdom, Uttara Prayag, Ira, a girl in her mid-twenties is going through a life-changing experience. She isn’t here by choice but circumstances led her to confine herself in the haven of river sangamitra until a miracle befalls. As a child Ira loses her sister in a tragic accident which persuades her to cut emotional ties with family and relatives. Br>riya and Sahil are her only true- Blue friends till Sankar comes along like a gasp of fresh air. When he invites Ira to visit the hills, she decides to escape the stringent realities of life to find out what lies ahead for her. A new life, beautiful place and innocent people bring considerable changes to Ira’s personality. Along with Dr Sankar, she undertakes the task of saving under privileged lives from sickness and loneliness. In her journey to redemption Ira’s adoration for the doctor turns into unfathomable love. But before she expresses it, another tragedy beckons her and Ira is forced to leave the hills to Uttara Prayag until she receives a ‘calling’. while leading a meaningless life there, Ira accidently meets a ‘Mata’ of the hermitage and is enthralled by her heavenly charm. She is Ira’s only hope, her road to re-awakening, the mending bridge to her parents, the way back to her friends and the answer to her calling. Is Mata the miracle she has been waiting for? Will Ira’s life turn around once again?.



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