The Storyteller


You can sleep through the world but not through yourself a childhood incident she cant recollect a haunting nightmare that jolts her out of sleep for Zara, knowing is suffering cocooned in the shell she has built around herself, life is all about bare survival until one day she gets an email from e storyteller Zara is hooked by his words and hungry for more. But, to her horror, she learns he knows more about her than she thought. When her step-cousin zachariah lands aer eight years, reviving bittersweet memories, Zara must face her worst demons. Who is e storyteller? What does he want from her? What is she afraid of? And why didnt her mother protect her from the devastating truth about herself? E storyteller is a poignant narrative, exploring childhood trauma and the battle of a young woman caught between PTSD and high-functioning normalcy, intertwined with a tale of love, loss, grief, betrayal, pain and survival.



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