the veil of disguise

The dying sun evoked the bloodthirsty devil who trod the barren empty night lanes of Kolkata, scavenging lives of innocent pregnant women in a row. The crime was picture perfect without any evidence left, shaking the Police Department of the City of Joy from the roots. But when eight-month pregnant wife of the famous business tycoon Mr. Ahuja dies a suspicious death, things take a different turn. Investigating officer in charge, Mr. Arunabho Roy from Kolkata Police Department, gets suspended. But at the same time gets reinstated as a detective in a very wary circumstance. Roy gets entangled in the web of doubts and delusions. Are there more than one killer or a single killer with multiple personalities? Roy sets on a dangerous mission to unveil the mystery on a challenging feat just to realize that he himself was caught in a prey-predator death game. Was death ultimate or will justice prevail? The end of the story unveils the secret.



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