When Love Holds You Forever


‘Pooja’ a young, successful journalist had everything in life; a promising carrier in media, awards, acknowledgments and fame. She was very satisfied with what she has achieved by her own, until she meets ‘Dev’ who becomes her weakness despite of all his demerits.
From a broken family, Dev a brilliant, successful mechanical engineer could recall only the loneliness he has lived so far. Obsessed with machines, he has perhaps forgotten the difference between machines and humans. Deprived of basic emotions, he has nothing to lose.
As the two meet, their lives converge in the most unexpected & unforeseen-of-ways.
An impulsive act of passion, starts a series of incidences, which starts with ‘Seduction, traverses through ‘Sins’ and finally terminates at ‘Schizophrenia’.
It is a true story, written on the basis of twenty letters which author receives from his friend ‘Dev’. This is a story and series of emotions ‘When Love Holds You Forever’.



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