Authors need query letters and book synopses to get their book in front of literary agents, editors, and publishers, hoping it lead to a traditional book deal. But writing a query letter is very different from writing your book and it isn’t easy—the short letter has to captivate and make your book stand out from all of the others. This often requires the help of a professional editor.

Make your first impression memorable with our new professional query letter and book synopsis review and editing services. Our editors can review and strengthen both your existing query letter and the synopsis of your book so that they are compelling and convey what your book is about.

What’s the difference between
a Query letter and a Synopsis?

Your Query Letter

Your query letter is a 1-page pitch designed to get an agent’s attention. It details your book’s main themes as well as some info about you as an author. Retrieve your document with Bigfoot within 24 Hours.


Your Book Synopsis

Your synopsis is an overview of your book that spans 3 to 5 pages. It should highlight your story’s structure, character details, and significant plot points-everything needed to help agents understand what your book is about. Retrieve your document with Bigfoot within 48 Hours.

You don’t have to place a book order to take advantage of our book editing services. All you need is your finished manuscript to get things started.

Why edit your query letter and
synopsis with Bigfoot?

  • Speed:

    We’ll have your query letter or synopsis reviewed and edited in 8 to 10 business days.

  • Quality:

    Our editors are world-class professionals who have worked with best-selling authors in every genre. They’ll raise your query letter and synopsis to the standards that agents expect with their intensive editing. No word goes overlooked.

  • Quality:

    This is more than a simple proofreading service. Your book is edited by seasoned, professional editors who work with bestselling authors in every genre. You’ll receive a fully edited manuscript along with any additional editor notes and suggestions.

  • Guarantee:

    We stand behind every product and service with the strongest guarantee in the self-publishing business. Your query letter and synopsis will be edited to your complete satisfaction and delivered on time. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to shop your book like a professional author.

Editing Rates:

For Query Letters:

Edit your query letter (Upto 800 words): Rs 799

For Synopsis:

Edit your Short synopsis (Up to 1500 words): Rs 1499

Edit your chapter wise synopsis (Up to 3000 words): Rs 2999